Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Artistic Visions of Angkor by Maurice Fievet

Artistic Visions of Angkor by Maurice Fievet by Kent Davis
In the 1950s, French artist Maurice Fievet (actually Fiévet - my apologies for leaving out the accent in the title because it is not search engine friendly) — well-known for his work in Africa with his talented photographer wife, Jeannette — created a series of dramatic paintings depicting life in ancient Cambodia.
Fiévet’s paintings were extraordinary because he worked with two of the world’s foremost Khmer scholars — Bernard Philippe Groslier and George Cœdès — to achieve the highest degree of visual and historical accuracy possible.
Maurice Fievet's extraordinarily accurate visions of Angkor.
Maurice Fievet’s extraordinarily accurate visions of Angkor.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The Institute of National Language, Royal Academy of Cambodia will run the program of Khmer Studies in English for short course in February, 2014.

The course will focus on the language, culture, economics, politics, history, traditional medicine, ethnic minority, philosophy, and many more. The course syllabus will come in our blog soon.

We offer the class from Monday through Friday and weekend program and we also offer the Morning shift, Afternoon shift, and evening shift.

The course will run for 45 hours per term and we have experienced lecturers and professors.

Course Fee: 220 USD
in the case you will bring someone else along with you, you will get 50% discount with free textbook.

More information please contact:

Dr Vong Meng
Deputy Director General
Institute of National Language
Royal Academy of Cambodia
Email: meng_ifl@yahoo.com
Tel: 012 446 416

Monday, July 23, 2012

Resources for the Study of Cambodia

American Embassy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: http://usembassy.state.gov/cambodia/
Ask Asia: http://www.askasia.org
Association française de solidarité: http://www.afs-cambodge.com/
Australia Aid for Center for Khmer Studies http://khmerstudies.org/
Friends of Khmer Culture http://www.khmerculture.net/
Heritage Watch http://www.heritagewatchinternational.org/
KhmeRennaisance (in Khmer) http://www.khmerenaissance.info/
National Archives of Cambodia http://www.nac.gov.kh/english/index.php
National Library of Cambodia http://carnetsdasie-pp.com/index.php
National Museum of Cambodia http://www.cambodiamuseum.info/index.html
Cambodia Fund: http://www.aacf.ws/
Bibliotheque Langues Orientales: http://www.univ-paris3.fr/bibliotheque/rattachees/langueorientale/index.... Cambodge Soir: http://cambodianews.free.fr/cambodge_soir.htm
Cambodia Daily: http://www.cambodiadaily.com/
Cambodia, East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Sources: http://newton.uor.edu/Departments&Programs/AsianStudiesDept/cambodia.html
Cambodia Genocide Database: http://www.yale.edu/cgp/databases.html
Cambodia Genocide Program, Yale Univeristy: http://www.yale.edu/cgp
Cambodia Hotels Net: http://www.cambodia-hotels.net/
Cambodian Information Center: http://www.cambodia.org/news/
Cambodia Portal.com: http://cambodiaportal.com
Cambodia Post: http://www.cambodiapost.com/
Cambodia News: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CambodiaNews/messages
Cambodia News Net: www.thecambodianews.net
Cambodian Auto-Genocide Page: http://www.cybercambodia.com/dachs/
Cambodian Genocide Program, Maps of Cambodia, Yale University: http://www.yale.edu/cgp/maps.html Cambodian Genocide Program, Photographic Database (CTS), Yale University: http://www.yale.edu/cgp/img.html Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace: http://www.cicp.org.kh
Cambodian Virtual Library: http://web.archive.org/web/20040213121640/www.iias.nl/wwwvl/southeas/cam...
Centre Culturel et Social Khmère de la Suisse: http://www.khmer.ch
Centre for Khmer Studies/Centre des Etudes khmères: http://www.khmerstudies.org Communications Cambodge: http://www.cambodge.com/
Council of Ministers: http://www.camnet.com.kh/ocm/
Dith Pran Holocaust Awareness Project: http://www.dithpran.org/
Documentation Center of Cambodia: http://www.dccam.org/
Enfants du Mékong: http://www.enfantsdumekong.com/
Forum.Org.Khmer: http://www.forum.org.kh/
Indochina Center: http://www.OCF.Berkeley.EDU/~sdenney/ Institut national de la santé publique/
National Institute of Public Health: http://www.camnet.com.kh/nphri
Japanese International Cooperation Agency: http://www.jica.go.jp/cambodia/english/
Khemara House http://www.cambodia.org/clubs/khemara/
Khmer Krom Network: http://www.khmerkrom.net/
Khmer Unity Party: http://kup.free.fr/
Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation: http://www.khmerkrom.org/
Kingdom of Cambodia: http://cambodianews.free.fr/
Les Jeunes Khmers de France: http://www.lesjeuneskhmers.com
Ministry of Eductation, Youth & Sport: http://www.moeys.gov.kh/
Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications: http://www.mptc.gov.kh/
National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia: http://www.cambodian-parliament.org/
National Library of Cambodia: http://www.nla.gov.au/lap/libs/cambodia.html
National Institute of Stastics: http://www.nis.gov.kh/
Norodom Sihanouk, King of Cambodia, Films: http://www.norodomsihanouk.org Onlinenewspapers.com: http://www.onlinenewspapers.com/cambodia.htm
Phnom Penh Daily: http://www.phnompenhdaily.com/
Phnom Penh Post: http://www.PhnomPenhPost.com/
Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Cambodia in the United Nations: http://www.un.int/cambodia/
Recherches-Enseignement-Annonces: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VietnamLaosCambodge/
Royal Government of Cambodia: http://www.cambodia.gov.kh/
Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia, National Gallery of Art, USA: http://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/camwel.htm
Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia: http://www.khmersenate.org/
South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion www.sseasr.org
Radio Free Asia: http://www.rfa.org/khmer/
Sam Rainsy Party: http://www.samrainsyparty.org/
United Nations in Cambodia: http://www.un.org.kh/
Vietnam Archive: http://www.lib.ttu.edu/vietnam/Holdings/holdings.htm
Vietnam-Laos-Cambodge http://www.cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp/seas/seas_pdf_en.htm
Buddhist Studies Web resources: http://www.ciolek.com/WWWVLPages/BuddhPages/MetaResources.html